Before you can set up a Web address you need to register a name for your Web site. We will take care of registration for you through our domain registrar - the fee for this is $15 per year. This keeps your Web site name registered on the Internet, and accessible by any browser worldwide, as well as protecting the name from use by any other business.
All Web sites need a good home on a reliable, fast and affordable server. For our clients we use one of the best Web hosting companies in the USA, located in three key areas with over 300 T-3 high capacity connections to different Internet backbones. With this service you are guaranteed better than 99% uptime and a 24 hour emergency response team.

Our Basic Plan ($15/mth), will easily provide enough space on the server for the average business Web site. This fee includes 2500 MB of monthly transfer (4 times the national average!), 100 MB of disk storage, and unlimited e-mail accounts. This should be sufficient for most Web sites. Billing is quarterly and billed directly to you each period.
In order to use the Internet you must first obtain access via an Internet Service Provider (ISP). This is usually provided through your local ISP - Verizon, VABB, TBI, Crosslink etc. You, as the client usually arrange for the ISP service in your local calling zone - for business use we highly recommend a DSL connection.
Digital Wisdom brings over 40 years of experience in the field of computer design experience to create a presence on the Internet that meets your specifications and expectations. We take the time to ask questions about your business and understand your mode of operation. In many situations the Internet will influence significantly the way you do business and we are able to bring our vast experience to make sure your project is a success. We will consult with you and make suggestions to assist you in taking advantage of the benefits of your new presence on the Internet, and provide security and safeguards to protect your business from threats and fraud..

Typical development charges are $100+ for the home page and $50 for each subsequent page. Photo processing, enhancement, editing, text entry and other services are charged at $50 per hour.

Periodical maintenance at your request is charged at $50 per hour. Minor changes and updates (less than 5 minutes), are generally free of charge. Charges may be accumulated over a period until such a time that the account has a balance of $100 or more due, then it is billed.