Digital Wisdom is well versed in the tools needed to create your web presence. To achieve your desired effect we complement our design skills with an array of software, image scanners and both digital and traditional photography. Do you have rapidly changing databases you need to have up to date and available for your customers? Do you want to sell your products online via secure forms emailed directly to you? We can help you with all of these scenarios and many more.

Market Targeting
Whether you want to attract customers worldwide or within the city, for spreading information or active sales we can help to develop a Web site to meet your needs.

Web Technology
Clean crisp graphics of all shapes and sizes, optimized for quality and download speed, are a standard feature on all of our Web sites. We have designed sites featuring audio clips, video, animation, live web cams, java scripting, online forms, secure online ordering, and password protected pages for some of our clients. We would be happy to talk with you about incorporating some of these features into your Web site.

For us, testing is an inclusive part of designing a Web site. After all, there would be little point in going to all the trouble to design a Web site if your audience for one reason or another couldn't see it. We make sure all of our Web sites are compatible with multiple releases of Netscape and Internet Explorer Browsers as well as an array of different screen sizes.

All of Digital Wisdom's Web sites receive free submission to over 300 search engines via NetSubmit software as well as individual hand submission to the top fifteen search engines. For an additional fee Digital Wisdom can take your Web site promotion to a higher visibility level with specialized submission software. We create individually tailored Search Engine doorway pages which require the custom construction of separate home pages coded to respond to the current criteria set up by the major search engines (Yahoo, Hotbot, Altavista, etc.). We can also assist you in contacting your customers via concentrated or bulk e-mailings.

Web Site Feedback
At your choice Web sites can be designed with input forms for your viewers to be able to send you information. Whether you're interested in their names and phone numbers to follow up or their opinions about your business we can provide a form for them to easily enter this information. This information can be sent directly to your business to further expedite your services. This can open whole new worlds of business communication and efficiency.

Beyond this, we provide you with a monthly statistical report on the visitors to your Web site. The report includes such information as when they came, where they came from, how long they stayed and what pages they visited in order for you to further refine your market and meet the current interests of your visitors.

Other Services
Perhaps you need custom CDR's or maybe custom CD's or DVD's...Maybe you have slides or negatives you need scanned for your business....or need impressive graphics to make an impact on your customers...whether it be via digital or traditional methods we can help you.